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The last few weeks have seen a multitude of MLS history in the making. The meeting of Montreal Impact and Toronto FC in the Easter Conference Final meant that for the first time ever, there would be a Canadian team in the MLS Cup Final!  The first leg of this historic event saw Montreal beat Toronto FC 3-2 at home, which meant that Toronto needed a win in the second leg, at home.  The Reds knew that it wasn’t going to be easy.  If Montral scored just one away goal, it would mean that TFC needed to work a little harder to get 2, and the more goals the Impact scored, the harder TFC needed to work in order to win the conference.

The second leg was a bit of a roller coaster and things were looking a little grim as Montreal opened the score line in the 24th minute.  Toronto needed 2 goals to win this series and they began to press…hard!  The light for TFC grew brighter as Armando Cooper leveled it off in the 37th minute, and Altidore bagged his first for the night in the 45th (making him the only MLS player to score a goal in every playoff match thus far).  If the score line remained this way, TFC would have won and gone through to the MLS Cup Final however, just 8 minutes into the second half, Ignacio Piatti leveled the score at 2 in the 53rd minute.  But wait…this goal should not have counted and makes this a major turning point in the match, and in my opinion makes for a Critical Match Incident and should be PRO’s next Play of the Week(more…)

Team-mates Gone Wild!!!

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When you start learning the ropes of refereeing, and you take the entry level clinic, one of the first things you learn is that about 90% of refereeing is directly related to Law 12 – Fouls and Misconduct.  We all learn that there are 7 cautionable offences (yellow card) and 7 send-off offences (red card).  But, what most instructors fail to also mention is that those 7cautionable and 7 send-off offences do not necessarily have to be committed against an opponent.  Any of those 7 deadly sins in football, if committed toward anybody, gives a one way ticket straight to the showers and early ride home.  Yes, even if it committed against the referee, any team official, a spectator, and even if committed against your own team-mate. (more…)