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With changes in law like “Ball can be kicked in any direction at kick-off”, “Offside FK always taken where offence occurs (even in own half)”, and “Foul off the field penalized with a direct free kick on boundary line”, it’s no wonder why most referees were excited to watch the UEFA European Championships this year, and to get a first hand look at the new laws being applied.  The most anticipated of these changes is the new DOGSO part of Law 12 in that the “triple punishment” has been removed and some DOGSO offences inside the penalty area are now punished with a Caution (yellow card).  However, as exciting as the 2016 Euro’s were, I was personally a little disappointed in that there weren’t very much match incidents, or at least controversial incidents to really talk about.  On one hand, I applaud the officials at this years tournament for the exemplary job they did at managing and controlling each match.  On the other hand, by the end of the month-long event, the referee community still didn’t have much examples of the new laws in action.  That is until now… (more…)


One of the most embarrassing moments out on the FOP for a referee is when we get duped into believing simulation.  This is also one of the hardest things to catch, and IMHO the biggest “disease” in the beautiful game.  There are plenty of things that we can do as referees in order better understand and catch the culprits as they try to trick and deceive us (see l’arbitre’s post on simulation).  However, no matter how close we are to play, how focused and concentrated we are, or how diligent we we try to be in all our games, sometimes the actors on the FOP catch us off guard and we fall for their theatrics.






As I was at the cottage this weekend, and didn’t have any internet connection, I was unable to comment of match days 3 and 4 however, you would like my take on a couple of incidents please message me and I will gladly write a post or two.  Most interesting one for me was Ecuador’s goal against Switzerland…in particular the ball placement.

On to match 1 of the day…

After watching the yet another embarrassment for a top class team, and having to witness Portugal’s horrific 4 – 0 loss to Germany, I decided that I should count my lucky stars that the score line wasn’t more drastic as Portugal should have been in deeper water very early in the game.  To what am I referring?  In the 11th minute, Mario Goetze was hauled back by the arm as he bore down on the Portugal goal by João Pereira, who got a yellow card for his troubles. (more…)

In a Bundesliga match between Hertha BSC and FC Nurnberg on February 2, 2014, a rather interesting match situation occurs and I can’t figure out what the correct decision should be.  I’ve been fighting with myself for over 3 weeks and at first I thought I knew the answer however, upon looking at the clip again, I’m starting to second guess myself.  So I ask you all…did the referee get it right in the end? (more…)

Whether we are watching football matches on TV or sitting in on a referee education session, most of the time when DOGSO is the topic of conversation, the clips and examples that are shown are almost always scenarios where the offending player has committed a penal offence, and where the resulting restart is either a DFK or PK.  I haven’t seen any instances or examples of a DOGSO scenario where the restart is an IDFK….until now!  (more…)

Team-mates Gone Wild!!!

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When you start learning the ropes of refereeing, and you take the entry level clinic, one of the first things you learn is that about 90% of refereeing is directly related to Law 12 – Fouls and Misconduct.  We all learn that there are 7 cautionable offences (yellow card) and 7 send-off offences (red card).  But, what most instructors fail to also mention is that those 7cautionable and 7 send-off offences do not necessarily have to be committed against an opponent.  Any of those 7 deadly sins in football, if committed toward anybody, gives a one way ticket straight to the showers and early ride home.  Yes, even if it committed against the referee, any team official, a spectator, and even if committed against your own team-mate. (more…)

Courtesy of my friends at an interesting match incident and question was brought to my attention.

“In the 70′ of the match Sunderland’s Jozy Altidore tussled for the ball with Arsenal’s defender, who seemed to be fouling Altidore. (See 3:11 into the video below) Altidore, using his impressive frame, won the tussle and…scored the goal, BUT it so happened that the match referee, Mr. Atkinson, blew the whistle for the foul before the ball crossed the goal line.
Interestingly enough, there was no red card issued for DOGSO, only a yellow one.
What do you think of the play?”  (more…)