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The Assistant Referee Is an important and integral part of the beautiful game. Their job is to assist the referee in managing the game wherever and whenever possible. However, there is one job that I would say is 99.9% that of the AR – Law 11: Offside!

Usually when I’m looking for clips and topics to discuss, I try and make sure they’re recent and relevant to the current LOTG.  This clip isn’t that recent, but it sure is relevant and worth talking about.

In 2003, Thierry Henry (while playing for Arsenal) scored a goal against Blackburn which was disallowed…and CORRECTLY at that!

The situation:

Blackburn goalkeeper Brad Friedel was about to punt the ball upfield when, quick as a flash, Henry nicked the ball away from him as the ball just left his hands, and tapped it into the back of the net.



Courtesy of my friends at an interesting match incident and question was brought to my attention.

“In the 70′ of the match Sunderland’s Jozy Altidore tussled for the ball with Arsenal’s defender, who seemed to be fouling Altidore. (See 3:11 into the video below) Altidore, using his impressive frame, won the tussle and…scored the goal, BUT it so happened that the match referee, Mr. Atkinson, blew the whistle for the foul before the ball crossed the goal line.
Interestingly enough, there was no red card issued for DOGSO, only a yellow one.
What do you think of the play?”  (more…)