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There Is No “Extra” Time

Posted: February 18, 2015 by larbitre in Football

Football is very different to other sports when it comes to timekeeping. The traditional buzzer isn’t employed and the referee’s final whistle is usually met with relief after a little over 90 minutes of football.


There were times at the World Cup (more…)

Vanishing Spray News

Posted: November 16, 2014 by larbitre in Football
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As a follow-up to the vanishing spray technology post I wrote on Play The Advantage, I thought I would bring up a few interesting developments since then.


In a Bundesliga match between Hertha BSC and FC Nurnberg on February 2, 2014, a rather interesting match situation occurs and I can’t figure out what the correct decision should be.  I’ve been fighting with myself for over 3 weeks and at first I thought I knew the answer however, upon looking at the clip again, I’m starting to second guess myself.  So I ask you all…did the referee get it right in the end? (more…)