Muller’s Reasonable Degree of Protection

Posted: December 2, 2014 by larbitre in Football, World Cup 2014
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There were times at the World Cup in Germany’s matches when Muller’s legs look like it was protected by twigs. Do those shinpads look like they are protecting him? I’m not so sure… Almost uncomfortable watching tackles come his way because it only takes one crazy opponent for things to go awry.

The Laws of the Game says:


  • are covered entirely by the stockings
  • are made of rubber, plastic or a similar suitable material
  • provide a reasonable degree of protection

FIFA LOTG 2013/2014, Law 4, pg 21

Reasonable degree of protection… Can we see that? I think that comes down to the opinion of the referee and when we see other players taking care to protect themselves, it would question Muller’s intent/decision-making process.

Is it safe though? Is the player within the Laws to do this or is he abusing the lack of clarification in these circumstances?

Of course, players prefer not to wear this piece of equipment because it means more weight and more work exerted while running; you just aren’t as light on your feet as you are without shinpads. Safety first always though.

For that reason alone, I wouldn’t let him play like that. Please find the adult size shinpads Muller.



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