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Posted: November 16, 2014 by larbitre in Football
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As a follow-up to the vanishing spray technology post I wrote on Play The Advantage, I thought I would bring up a few interesting developments since then.

Health Concerns

A recent study found the issue of vanishing spray posing health concerns to players in the game and those exposed to it. This was discovered in a study by the Bundesliga. It was claimed to have “hormonally” active ingredients and more greenhouse gases in it than legally permitted.

Practical Usage

The first uses/experiments of vanishing spray were seen to use a circle drawn around the ball to indicate its placement. This was followed by the straight line marking for the 10 yard free kick wall to prevent encroachment. It was best found then to indicate the ball’s positioning with a half-circle in front of the ball. Why?

There is a danger of the free kick taker slipping on the foam and resulting in the new innovation causing issues and being blamed. Instead of the problem we tried to solve, it would have caused something new altogether.


Since FWC 2014 in Brazil, the popularity of this addition to the game has really grown. We’ve seen its adoption in the English Premier League and a few other major leagues. The Football League also intends to introduce it in January 2015.


Meanwhile, some other funny incidents have occurred much to the irritation of some players.

… especially when it ruins their shoes. Maybe they should step back?


When there are technical difficulties, the spray doesn’t always end up where you want it to.


What do you think about the influence of vanishing spray in the game today?


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