World Cup Game Day 2 – AR Might Send Columbian Crew Home

Posted: June 13, 2014 by thirdblindmouse in Uncategorized, World Cup 2014


At the World Cup, it’s not just the referee’s performance that can get a crew sent home.  Just ask Howard Webb about Euro 2008 when Mike Mullarkey’s one offside mistake cost the entire English referee crew their tournament.  It was actually said that the organizers were a little disappointed with the performance, not of the referees, but some of the assistant referees.  This could be the case for Wilmar Roldan and the rest of his Columbian crew.

There were 2 offside calls int he first half, made my AR1 Humberto Clavijo that were incorrect in my opinion.  The first incident was rather close and I can understand the mistake, and even forgive him for that.  The part of the body you use in order judge a player’s offside position is any part that is allowed to play the ball (eg. hands and arms are not used in judging offside).  In this case, the Cameroon full back’s left foot is the point from which the offside line is drawn.  Mexico’s Dos Santos is clearly behind that imaginary line which put him in an on side position.


Unfortunately, the AR does not have the benefit of using instant replay, a pause button, or the ability to draw a line in order to judge the offside and I can forgive this mistake as it’s a very very close call.  However, it’s this second scenario (which led to a goal being called back) that I cannot defend.

There are 3 instances in which a player cannot be penalized for being in an offside position.

There is no offside offence if a player receives the ball directly from:
• a goal kick
• a throw-in
• a corner kick

Also, you must receive the ball from a team mate in order to be penalized for being in an offside position.

During a corner kick, the ball was played into the Cameroon PA and as a group of player jumped up to head the ball, a Cameroon defender made contact with the ball, sending it back wards and to the feet of Dos Santos.


AR1 Humberto Clavijo again raised his flag to signal an offside offence, and again it was in error!  I also blame the referee for not over ruling Clavijo.  In this instance, Referee Roldan had the better angle to view the header and should have communicated with his AR before making the final decision.  Clearly he knows there’s a corner kick and one cannot be offside.  Once the ball was in the back of the net, and the AR’s flag was raised, that would have raised questions and red flags in my own head, and I would have immediately asked what he saw and discussed it first.

Given both of these incidents, I’m sure the game debrief from the assessor/observer is not going to be pretty.  Also, they will have a rather long match debrief when watching video replays in the next couple of days.  This Columbian crew might get one more match but I’m willing to be that will be sent home before the Round of 16!

That’s how this blind mouse sees it.

Happy Whistling!

The Third Blind Mouse




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