The Final’s Tackle

Posted: March 27, 2014 by larbitre in Futsal
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Another incident in the UEFA Euro Futsal 2014 Finals. Take a peek.

Futsal Finals Tackle from larbitre on Vimeo.

“It’s a risky challenge there from…”

“Good tackle in the end. He’s got enough on it.”

“He did, didn’t he? Got the sole of the foot on it.”

Errr… HELLO? Are we all watching the same clip. I think I was having cereal in front of my laptop the first time I saw this and almost upset the whole bowl thinking red card straight away.

Ok. That was a stretch but it was just the alarm bells in my head ringing saying “What is HE DOING?”. Granted I had a severe reaction but there’s no way that is not a foul. I mean… Come on. Clean tackle? In my book, caution and a stern warning.

Scissor tackle. That has got to have hurt and the big Russian, Eder Lima, let that go without any trouble. Surprisingly.

The Italian’s defender’s entire body landed on the Russian’s right ankle leaving him in a heap.

The Italian defender attempts to block off the Russian who is shielding the ball in the attacking half with his back to goal. There is heavy but fair physical contact between the two as they appear to be in a stalemate. The Russian pivot then makes a turn to gain space to shoot on goal but the Italian defender gives chase and slide tackles to get a foot on the ball. All but fairly if it was not for the trailing leg coming in.

What do you think about this tackle? Don’t take your Futsal advice/education from these commentators.



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