PRO – Pro Referee Org, or just Poor Referees?

Posted: September 24, 2013 by thirdblindmouse in Uncategorized

PRO (Professional Referee’s Organization) is the governing body for the MLS referees in North America; very much similar to the UK’s PGMOL (Professional Game Match Officials Limited). However, if you ask me, after watching week 30 of the MLS, PRO more likely stands for Poor Refereeing Oversight!

This past week, the MLS saw a bunch of hard tackles go either unpunished, or not punished severely enough. I don’t know what the problem is because if you ask me, most of them are text book plays and there shouldn’t even be any question with regards to the disciplinary sanction.

Watch this and form your own opinion…my opinions are below:


@1:33 – This tackle happened very early in the game, within the first minute, and I understand why it was only sanctioned with a caution. Law 18 almost always prevails however, it seems like this sort of thing is happening more and more at the professional level. Players are going into crunch and bone breaking tackles very early in the game to either see what the referee will do, and to see what they can potentially get away with, or they know that it’s so early in the game that more than likely they will not be sent off and therefore, it gives them license to be stupid and get away with it. If more referees would think about players safety (which is Law #1 in my book) as opposed to Law 18, the FOP would be a much safer place for all those considered.

@2:15 – Again we have a horrendous tackle very early in the match (within the first 2 minutes). This tackle is extremely late and the ball has already left the opponent’s foot and there is no question in my mind that excessive force was used in this challenge. There is no other reason why a player would get thrown into the air like that if there wasn’t excessive force used. To me, this one looks like a definite leg breaker and a send off in my eyes – regardless of how much time has passed.

@4:09 – The commentator during this clip is asking for a caution (2nd caution) for the defender who’s hand/arm hits the TFC attacker in the face. But, watch the slow motion replays…notice how the defender first cocks his arm forward and then throws his elbow back to strike the TFC attacker. If you ask me, that’s is clear intent to ELBOW his opponent (just got lucky and missed; hitting him with his hand instead) and Violent Conduct in my book – straight Red Card for me!

@4:48 – Congratulations Mr. Referee…you got this one right!!! 🙂

@5:24 – This is a perfect example of what I spoke about a few posts ago…Abra Cadabra

@7:04 – This is an interesting one and some may make an argument for a double send off here to both players. In my opinion however, Bobby Boswell is the one who should be sent off! Alvarez was already on his way down when Boswell comes in straight leg, studs showing and just plants his foot into Alvarez’s leg. I don’t see why Alvarez even got the caution. I mean, ok, sure his right leg is high but he doesn’t make any contact with Boswell at all and it looks, to me, like he was genuinely playing the ball and sliding to avoid the tackle. Your toughts?

@7:21 (Grande Finale) – What on earth was the referee team watching here? If neither of the 3 blind mice saw this because the ball had been pushed up field, or what have you, then I ask what on earth was the 4 official looking at??? Mario DaLuna should have seen red for this stunt and there shouldn’t even bee a discussion about this right now. How does the referee consult with his 4th and then decide to do nothing about it??? DaLuna clearly kicks his leg back in an attempt to kick his opponent and should have been sent off for violent conduct!

Comments? Leave them below! 🙂

Happy Whistling

The Third Blind Mouse



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