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Posted: September 12, 2013 by thirdblindmouse in Uncategorized

In the Capital One Cup – 2nd Round on August 27, 2013, Yeovil vs. Birmingham, one of the most unsporting situation I have ever seen came to light. Unfortunately, there was absolutely nothing the referee could have done to fix it.

Here is what happened (controversy starts at 00:35)…


Basically, the keeper kicks the ball out in order to stop play so that a player can get treatment…it’s the sporting thing to do. Usually what happens is the opposing team takes the thrown in, as it is the proper restart however, in a sporting gesture they throw it back to the keeper and everyone gets on with the rest of the match. Well, in this case, the opposing team did NOT do the sporting thing and decided to take advantage of the opportunity and capitalize on the situation. The questions then is, what is the referee supposed to do? The commentators during the match even remarked that “surely the referee cannot let the goal stand” however, the referee’s hands are completely tied and there isn’t very much he CAN do.

As the referee, you main duty is to make sure that the LOTG are adhered to. Did the Yeovil player do anything wrong? Were any laws broken? The ball had been kicked out by the Birmingham keeper and therefore the restart is a Yeovil throw in. Was the throw in taken correctly? Yes! Is there anything in the LOTG or guidelines and Interpretations that say that the Yeovil player must give the ball back to Birmingham? NO! Therefore, was the goal scored legally as per the LOTG? Big, Fat, YES!!! There is nothing the referee could have done within the LOTG to prevent this from happening. The only thing he could have done (and this is a huge stretch) was possibly, MAYBE caution the goal scorer for Unsporting Behaviour (excessive celebration) after the goal was scored, but that wouldn’t change the outcome, the goal would still stand, and the next restart would still be a Birmingham kick-off.

What an unfortunate course of events, and really bad example for the little ones at the grass roots level.

Your comments are appreciated.

Happy Whistling!

The Third Blind Mouse


  1. Ben Thompson says:

    What I always do is to ask the team what their intentions are and ask them if they will throw it to their opposition GK (Read tell them to throw it to the GK.) if they don’t throw the ball to the keeper, i stop play and award an indirect kick to their opponents and caution one of their players for good measure


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