But Ref…I got the BALL!

Posted: September 10, 2013 by thirdblindmouse in Uncategorized

Over my now 14 years of officiating, I can’t even begin to count how many times I’ve blown my whistle for a foul, only to hear the infamous phrase “But ref…I got the ball!”  Oh yea?  SO WHAT?  What would you do in this situation?  You make the call…

Would you really let this tackle go unpunished????

Where does it say that any time a player makes contact with the ball, all else is forgiven and we should completely disregard the safety of the other players on the field?  It makes my blood boil when a bone crunching tackle is made and I hear those 6 little words.  I don’t understand where players get this idea that if they get the ball first, then they can’t possibly be called for a foul afterwards.  Maybe it comes from us referee’s saying things like “All Ball” when there’s a great tackle on the FOP however, what players fail to realize is that the tackle is exactly that…A GREAT TACKLE!  A tackle that is legal, does not put an opponent at risk and is not executed with excessive force.  It’s when the tackles become dangerous and just plain outrageous that the idea of “All Ball” no longer becomes part of the equation.  If you come flying into a tackle with excessive force, putting another player at risk of serious injury, regardless of getting the ball or not, guess what…you’re going home early!   These kinds of things need to be dealt with immediately and severely.  Serious Foul Play is exactly that…SERIOUS…and should not be taken lightly.  Any tackle that endangers the safety of an opponent should be deemed as Serious Foul Play and punished with a sending off – no questions asked!  1 foot, or both feet…studs up, or toes out…ball or no ball…SFP is SFP and flying tackles like this one are definitely going to break ankles and legs and I do not tolerate anything of this kind on my field.  Let’s all grow a pair and do our jobs so that we can go home after 90 plus minutes and be able to sleep knowing that we did our jobs well, and that justice was served.

Happy whistling!

The Third Blind Mouse



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